January 18, 2013


Hello!  I got the new year off to a fresh start by investigating two "new to me" thrift stores.   Unfortunately, neither store had much in the line of vintage merchandise, so I don't have any great "finds" to share, however....

take a look at this article that was recently published in our local paper.  I guess our city doesn't want any more thrift stores.  Bummer.

See you soon.


  1. Bah humbug! Especially, since ARC benefits those with developmental disabilities.

  2. Oh that is silly. With the economy these days, people need to shop there. Plus things need to be used and not tossed into the landfills.

  3. Weird and doesn't sound right that they can "ban" thrift stores...
    I've been dropping off goodies at my local thrift store and NOT going inside to purchase!

  4. That is a bummer! Hopefully you find some sweet treasures soon! xo Heather

  5. How odd! thrifting is so the rage now-a-days. I hope when the ban is lifted 10 new stores grace your area!

  6. I think that in this economony, it is important to cater to people can't afford retail. Plus a new thrift store or two is definitely an added bonus to us treasure hunters! What is wrong with people?


  7. I agree with the above. In my area however I have seen LOTS of new Thriftstores. I really like the ARC stores and donate to them regularly. Uppity Mall stores I guess...but in this economy more and more people are shopping thrift. Banning them amkes it sound like they attract undesirables or something...I am in the healthcare field and have patients with LOTS of money who shop at thrift stores and I myself do too. Boo on your city for being so ridiculous, they are keeping jobs and money from making it into your local economy. Guess they'd rather wait for a trendy store to open, fail, and then leave a space empty to provide nothing but unused property. Guess you need to start visiting other cities! I love your bloggy posts dear! Maybe you should write a little letter to your local City Counsel.

  8. Wow. I just read the full article.. seems they really have predetermined notions on thrifts stores based on the other city...

    & are worried because it will be close to the mall & don't want it to look raggedy?

    Don't they have anything better to do?


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