April 12, 2014

Junk Bonanza

I drove over to the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota this afternoon. The event is located just minutes from my home, yet I had never experienced this event until today.

Summary in a nutshell:  Very, very busy, interesting and fun.

Have a great weekend!

March 15, 2014

Shoes and more!

These shoes have got to be my favorite all-time treasure.  I found them last week at a cute vintage shop that specializes in European decor.  The shop was packed with very ornate furniture, pretty silver pieces, framed pictures and gorgeous clothing.  

Here are a few more finds from last week......

Two charming old books....Lucile by Owen Meredith and The Complete Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poe. 

 A set of pretty embroidered napkins

Pyrex Dish

Old Framed Picture

 Doll Cradle and pretty Vera Scarf

Another Mother/Child Print

and a metal lantern.  
 I scrubbed-off a lot of rust and removed chunks of wax from the interior.  I think it looks pretty nice now.  I love the detail.

Well, our snowman has melted, so that means spring must be here, right?  No going back :)

I am linking up with Sir Thrift a Lot

Until next time.............

March 6, 2014

Big Score!

Just popping-in with a few "finds" from the last few days!

This is the first vintage tablecloth I have found in months!!

Big score!  Ethan Allen telephone bench!  I love these!!

Hope you are out finding great treasures!!

March 2, 2014


Why do we like what we like?  Why do we collect certain treasures, but not others? 
 There are a lot of theories, aren't there?

I found some cute plastic cake decorations at an antique store a few weeks ago.  Some were baseball players and the others were these teenagers.  I enjoy watching baseball, but can part with the baseball players fairly easily.  As a matter of fact, I transferred them to my booth in hopes of a sale.  The teenagers, however, I can't seem to part with right now.  Why? 

February 15, 2014


I purchased this Barbie case at a recent estate sale for $3.50.  It is dated 1962 and in pretty nice condition.  I love the bright red color and cute graphics.  I found a Tammy doll inside, rather than Barbie, along with a few pieces of Tammy's wardrobe, a jewelry-size box full of shoes, a plastic white stand and a few other accessories.  

 The owner had written  "Tammy"  on a piece of masking tape to cover the Barbie name on the front of the case!  I removed the tape, but I think she must have been a very resourceful and detailed young lady!

This is the first Tammy doll I have seen in person, so I will probably hang-on to her even though I'm not a doll collector.

Something to look forward to:  An exhibit entitled,  "Toys of the '50s, '60s and '70s," will be featured at our History Center at the end of May. I can't wait!!

Take care~

February 14, 2014

February 10, 2014

The Making of a Lady

Did you happen to catch, "The Making of a Lady," on PBS last night?  It received mixed reviews, however, I really enjoyed it.  It had the perfect amount of  "creepiness" for me!  I think I will try to track down a copy of the book.

I am heading out to hunt for treasures.  Have a great day!
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