August 11, 2014

Long time...

Well, a month has passed since I last shared my "finds" here on the blog.  I wish I could say I have been busy biking through Europe or relaxing in a hammock in the backyard, sipping a soda, but I have actually been busy with chores, such as, yard work, car repairs, baseball season, searching for treasures, job hunting and helping my girl get ready for dorm life. (Our house is a mess.  We have small piles of vintage treasures and small piles of dorm stuff all over the house and small piles of ANYTHING drive me crazy!) are a few items I have recently rescued from garage sales, thrifts and junk markets.

 At the shop where I rent space, customers seem to be searching for home decor items, such as, tables, mirrors, shelves, etc...and don't seem too terribly interested in the small vintage housewares that I gravitate toward.  A few weeks ago, I painted a 3-tier metal plant stand and sold it at the shop, but other than that, I have very little experience re-purposing items, so I was super happy to find these two tables that someone else has already transformed. The table above is a pretty blue color and the table below is cream with black accents on the legs.

 Cute pattern from the '40's

My mom found this charming children's book.  
"Karl's Wooden Horse" by Lois Donaldson. 1934.  

Lots of linens.  Guest towels....

  dresser scarves...

 vintage tablecloths and kitchen towels 

 a crocheted toaster cover 

a vintage sheet featuring pink morning glories in its original packaging

charming apron

beautiful hankies (found by Mom)

cute serving plates

small canister

and, my favorite find...a small child's metal rocker!

Thanks for stopping-by!  

Hope you are having a great summer!

July 10, 2014

A Little Help

This little guy is helping me in the yard.  
While I tackle the weeds, he feasts on the bugs!

July 8, 2014

Traders Market Antique Show and Flea Market

On the 4th of July, I spent a few hours out at the Traders Market Antique Show and Flea Market.  I arrived later than I had planned and ended-up practically sprinting from booth to booth so that I could see everything before closing time!

I bought this cute wicker chair, a vintage kitchen towel and tablecloth, a Florida mug and a vintage metal file holder for organizing bills, mail, etc....

The show is always fun to attend!

July 6, 2014

Last Week

Last week I stopped at a few neighborhood garage sales and made my usual thrift store rounds. Here is what I found.

Royal Doulton Balloon Vendor Towels

 Vintage Austrian Souvenir Tablecloth

Cunningham and Pickett Pink and Gold Plates

Wedding/Anniversary Cups. For punch?  If so, I wish I had the coordinating bowl.

Two tennis set plates.  No cups, but I collect these, so I bought them.

Pretty in pink phone for a quarter!  I am probably one of the last remaining people still using a landline at home.

Floral Kitchen Towel

Lady Victoria glasses that match the cordials I found a few weeks ago.

Tiered Serving Plates

Not sure about the use for this jar, but it was cheap and plastered with pink roses!

And, last, but not least, a sweater clip for 50 cents.  A nice addition to my collection.

Hope you are having a great summer!

July 5, 2014

The Lady

Once upon a time there was a lady who struggled with knitting.  She loved to "create," but knitting caused her fingers and back to ache.  Her knitting was tight, so the garments she knitted did not fit properly.  She didn't understand how to correct her mistakes.  She eventually gave it up!  She carefully packed her knitting needles away and placed them in the back of a closet.  

Then, one rainy Saturday afternoon, the lady logged on to "YouTube" and typed the word "crochet."  (She was inspired by Carol at Old Glory Cottage.)  The lady watched several fun and informative videos and learned the basic crochet stitches.  During the next few days she made A LOT of coasters/hot pads.  She experimented with different edgings.  She crocheted three winter scarves.  She made plans to crochet a blanket for her bed and is currently working on a v-stitch scarf.  She is able to correct her mistakes.  The lady is happy!  

The End

June 23, 2014

Who is Behind the Door?


When my daughter was younger, we used to spend hours playing my old 1970's edition of the "Mystery Date" game.  We played the game so often, in fact, that we broke the hinges right off the mystery door and, I guess, we threw it out. 

However, the fun didn't stop!  She was given her own "Mystery Date" game; the 2005 edition, and we have saved it.

I noticed this 2011 edition at the thrift store recently. It is actually a reproduction of the original 1965 version so, of course, it had to come home with me!!  

Think there is any chance that my daughter will want to play? 

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